Launching on The Feast of the Assumption


Today is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, and the beginning of Launch Month for CASSIA & MYRRH, the Catholic musical project that has been forged in darkness and hiddenness for 14 years and is now emerging.  

The entire launch month, from August 15th to September 8th, is in honour of Mary, under her title “Our Lady, Queen of the Angels,” and is peppered with multiple significant Marian feasts, beginning with the Assumption, including the Coronation and Queen of the Angels, and closing with her Nativity.  This is by design, as so many of us are in a season that has been brutally challenging and continue to face a world that seems increasingly marred by pain, confusion, and suffering, in and outside of the Church.

Mary, throughout history, has been a Mother and Protector, interceding with her Son to bring about miraculous turnarounds for her children in the face of insurmountable obstacles.  This project is consecrated privately to her care, with the great and foolishly faithful hope that she will again respond to our humble cries for help and bring about a peace through her prayers that only God in His greatness and eternal sovereignty can give.  

This is the first of a daily song upload celebrating CASSIA & MYRRH’s Launch Month.  We’ll be posting 25 songs in various genres until September 8th. We call on her as God’s specifically chosen Queen and Mother today to intercede for us with Jesus for needed miracles in our times:

CASSIA & MYRRH’s first studio project, Catholic Chapters, I-IV, is set to release in stages throughout 2021 and will successively feature Latin chant, classic hymns, devotional tracks, and recitation of the Rosary over original Latin compositions.  Focused around a solo female voice, excellence and simplicity will be its defining features.  The goal is to lead many into the prayerful, and contemplative aspects of the Catholic faith, pointing toward our rich tradition and heritage, as well as facilitating a deeper encounter with God’s truth, beauty, and goodness, and drawing all into a deeper, authentic unity in Him.  Music has that power.

Throughout Launch Month, and particularly within the context of Catholic Chapters, I-IV, it will become obvious that this is a project with unique goals and a unique approach—to gently draw all into the treasury of the Church and an authentic, lived faith through several distinct pathways.  Latin and English will both feature, and the songs will focus heavily on Scripture, the powerful prayers of the Church, our beautiful traditions and heritage, and the truths of the Catholic faith meditated on and placed in song.

A Catholic faith and heritage is a privilege beyond measure, and in this time the need for deep roots through authentic, uncompromising intimacy with Christ is apparent—as well as the need to draw as many others as we can into the same.

We’d love for you to join the CASSIA & MYRRH Family. Consider contributing to our goal to professionally produce these song collections, making them available to the Church and the world.   We only need a relatively small network of contributors to see this project come to full fruition; will you be one of them?

We look forward to having you in our CASSIA & MYRRH family as we share the great treasury of Catholicism with a world in need. Happy Feast of the Assumption of Mary!

Special thanks to Elizabeth Mirzaei for her direction, cinematography, and editing on both trailers for Catholic Chapters, I-IV.

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