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We need you.

Join us in completing audio Rosaries in Latin & English!

Help us reach the world with beauty & peace through Catholic music.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Mirzaei for her direction, cinematography, and editing of our trailers.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Mirzaei for her direction, cinematography, and editing of our trailers.

 Commissions: $5000 & up

All contributors $5000 and up may request a song commission. These are uniquely composed and recorded with the contributor’s requests in mind, in accordance with the authentic ethos of CASSIA & MYRRH.  Alternately, exclusive recordings of Catholic songs in the public domain may be requested.  The commissioned song may or may not be included in Catholic Chapters, and may feature publicly on the CASSIA & MYRRH platform at some future time on various platforms.  Please contact us directly at [email protected] or click the button below to discuss your commission request for our consideration.

Select availability, calendar and request dependent.

Contact Us To Discuss Commission

Discuss Commission

It’s a time of confusion and upheaval for many, in and outside of the Church, and therefore a poignant moment for us to uncover our rich Catholic musical heritage–one that we have often lost touch with, but which offers true peace, beauty, transcendence, unity, and restoration to individual souls and to the whole world.

We want EVERYONE to experience the sacredness and deep beauty of the Catholic faith. We want EVERYONE to be able experience the peace found in these songs and prayers.  We want EVERYONE to have a chance to begin their immersion into the Catholic musical tradition.

Your support makes this possible! 

Due to the generosity of our listeners, we have already released Ch. I: The Gregorian Chapter and will Ch. II: The Hymn Chapter, and will soon release Ch. III: The Devotional Chapter.

We still need you to complete Ch. IV which is our audio Rosaries over unique sacred Latin prayer compositions.

Catholic Chapters I-IV

We believe the Catholic musical heritage is our common heritage–one that everyone who desires it should have access to, and at a high quality, without cost, and without ads. It should be available in a way that makes it conducive to prayer and falling in love with the traditions of the Church. We want to provide a way for Catholics and beyond to grow familiar with the music of the Church.

Your support makes this possible.

In 2021, we completed the first two “chapters” of CASSIA & MYRRH’s first studio project entitled Catholic Chapters, I-IV – an organized catalogue of Gregorian Chant essentials, and a classics hymn album. These are available for free download on our site, on YouTube, and on most streaming sites. We encourage you to listen and find peace in these sounds.  

Ch. III: The Devotional Chapter, comprised of gentle, contemplative originals, will release soon.  Ch. IV is currently being crowdfunded at You can learn more about all chapters below, and download Chs. I & II.

The entire project focuses heavily on our heritage in the Latin language, the formal prayers of the Church, Scripture, and Catholicism’s contemplative heart. Once completed, the remaining instalments of Catholic Chapters I-IV will be delivered to our supporters and soon after available, ad-free, to everyone who desires more of the Catholic musical heritage.

When you contribute today, you become an irreplaceable part of the CASSIA & MYRRH Family, because you make it possible for us to bring the beauty of the Catholic musical heritage to the faithful and the world.

Catholics Chapters, I-IV, is comprised of the following:

Chapter I: The Gregorian Chapter (AVAILABLE NOW!)

This is an organized catalogue of the most-loved and commonly sung Gregorian chants of the Church. Available now for streaming and download with PDF guide at the button below.

To help us complete Ch. IV: The Rosary Chapter, click the “Contribute Now” button below.

Chapter II. The Hymns Chapter

Featuring classic forms of both Latin and English hymns, these songs will be a peaceful retelling in high language and classic metre of the story of our faith in the hymn tradition.  Favourites from well-loved hymnals that have stood the test of time will be featured as a celebration of our prayerful and faithful patrimony. These are currently available on most streaming sites, on our YouTube channel, and for free download below.

To help us complete Ch. IV: The Rosary Chapter, click the “Contribute Now” button below.

Chapter III: The Devotional Chapter

This chapter will feature original, gentle, authentically Catholic compositions with guitar voice, based in Scripture and the meditative aspects of  Catholicism, aiding in a deeper personal integration of the truths of the faith. It is nearly completed and will release in the spring, first to our contributors, and then more publicly.

To help us complete Ch. IV: The Rosary Chapter, click the “Contribute Now” button below.

Chapter IV: The Rosary Chapter

Calling on the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary is foundational to a Catholic life.  This collection will be simple and elegant recitations of the Holy Rosary, in both English and Latin and in all mysteries, placed over original St. Hildegard-influenced compositions.  The underlying compositions will all be in Latin and will feature most of the perennial prayers of the Church.

To help us complete Ch. IV: The Rosary Chapter, click the “Contribute Now” button below.

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