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Why are there some original devotional songs among the classic Latin ones?

An integrated Catholic life includes all elements of the Good, True, and Beautiful, with every element in its proper place. Together as a Church must work diligently and prayerfully to find the right time and place for all of the different elements available to us that build us up as Christians and honour the God whom we serve.

Some of this music is from the rich liturgical tradition of the Church and is therefore meant for the Liturgy; some of it is for private prayer time; some is simply meant as edifying background music that fills your home or office with beauty and a reminder of Christ and His Church. We desire to help you fill every aspect of your life with His goodness.

We feature the Latin language and Gregorian chant forms because these point us to the deepest treasury of our Church and have a uniquely other-worldly quality that we want everyone to have the chance to experience via a gentle introduction, bringing us distinctly out of our daily earthly experience and directing us toward eternity.

Our goal in all aspects of CASSIA & MYRRH is to draw you closer to Christ and His Church and deeper into an authentically contemplative way of life.

Who is the female singer behind CASSIA & MYRRH?

Kay Clarity is a mainstream singer-songwriter who is also a committed Catholic. Informed by formal theological study, extensive experience with sacred choral music, and growing exposure to the liturgical traditions of the Church, she has wanted to share her voice in a specifically Catholic context, desiring to spread the Gospel gently through the liturgical and contemplative aspects of the Church.  This is how CASSIA & MYRRH began.

The desire in this project is to allow Christ to increase, while also offering our gifts in service of His mission for souls. With this end in mind, Kay surfaces in every instance where it helps to further the mission of the music, but prefers to stay in the backdrop whenever possible, and especially when the music and prayers can easily communicate on their own.

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Will you include other voices in future projects?

We would love to and we hope to. We are open to expanding this musical contemplative work as it grows. For now, it is one female solo voice in several genres, although we are in conversation with other vocalists. If you would like to alert us to voices or compositions for consideration in future projects, please email us at [email protected]

What is the story behind the name "Cassia & Myrrh"?

Psalm 45.

What happens if the full fundraising amount for Catholic Chapters is not met?

The current fundraising goal is reflective of the cost of producing the highest sound quality project possible and releasing it to as any many listeners as we can. We hope to achieve this goal relatively quickly with the support of our Catholic family around the world, and will be persistent in achieving this goal until it is met.

While highly unlikely, if our goal is not met fully, we have excellent contingency plans for producing and releasing the project. While final sonic quality in that instance will be affected somewhat, and our reach to a broader audience will be proportionately limited, the beauty and goodness of Catholic Chapters will shine through in its most important ways to our listeners.

We are confident you will be happy to have been a foundational contributor to the work of CASSIA & MYRRH.

What other Catholic music do you recommend?

There are many types of Catholic music to explore. We recommend beginning with some of the greatest works from our Catholic tradition, some of which you may never have listened to before, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these sounds, reflecting on the effect they seem to have on your heart and mind in a noisy world. Many find these sounds to be reprieves from the stressors of modern life, and a way to enter more deeply into the rest God offers us all.


Miserere Mei Deus, Allegri:


  Byzantine Chant:


Sicut Cervus, Palestrina:


 The Monks of Heiligenkreuz:


 The Canticles of Ecstasy, St. Hildegard von Bingen:

Where can I learn more about the Catholic Church and her traditions?

For a good start on the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, please visit: Catholic Faith Fundamentals


For a helpful, simple, and thoughtful discussion on the beauty and role of the Liturgy in a distinctly Catholic faith:


For how to start praying the Rosary: How To Pray The Rosary


For how to pray with Scripture (mental prayer): Scriptural Mental Prayer


For information about the Sacrament of Confession: Information on Confession


To find a Catholic parish and mass/confession times near you (please double-check with the parish website for adjustments that may have been made since the COVID-19 restrictions): Find A Mass

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