Mass of the Ages Documentary: The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes Away


I just completed watching Mass of the Ages, and it only reminds me of the great privilege it was to be a small part of the Mauss family story last year–especially in this sacred week: Kristine will honour the first anniversary of Michael’s passing in a few short days.

Kristine Mauss, screenshot from the Mass of the Ages documentary released August 15th 2021.

It was such a situation of God’s mysterious providence: we connected in the few days before Michael passed with me sending her some CASSIA & MYRRH demos, on a whim, in hopes of providing some small comfort, and was thankful to hear that she and Michael found some bits of solace, beauty, and peace in those sounds, both ancient and new. I knew from observing her sharing on Instagram that Michael was not well, but I did not and could not have known how close he was to the end.

It is only humbling to have been able to be present to them at that time through the work of C&M last summer, and then to have received attention on our project when Kristine generously offered to direct some of the funeral donations toward our initial crowdfund. We take this honour very seriously.

Today in the documentary, Kristine and her family shared the sacredness of their story. I understand the absolute sacrifice it is to bring people into your intimate grief and grappling, and I understand also the motivation of love from which that willingness in spite of the sacrifice springs; it’s a story for another day, but my family, too, suffered grievous losses when I was a child, and my family, too, ended up in film when I was her daughter’s age, discussing some of our sacred home life and reality. It is no small cost, and they deserve our immense gratitude, love, and prayers. I hope they are truly honoured throughout the Body of Christ in this time.

Kristine Mauss,  and Family screenshot from the Mass of the Ages documentary released August 15th 2021.

Cameron and the team beautifully captured their story and the charity of their lived family life as it has intersected with the richness and heritage of the Catholic faith, as well as Kristine’s immensely courageous walk with the Lord in the wake of Michael’s death.

I am proud to have come to know her personally in the course of events surrounding their grief, and to now be working toward including a commissioned song for Michael that will be included on Ch. III.

At Kristine’s request, the song hinges around the Scripture verse she keeps coming back to, from the book of Job:

“The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away: blessed be the Name of the Lord!”

May we at C&M honour this prayer of her heart and, with her, help to bring many souls to Christ and His Church.

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