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Welcome to your private contributors page! Chapter I: The Gregorian Chapter and Ch. II: The Hymns Chapter, exclusive packages for contributors are now available! If you would like to have a family member or friend join us in receiving this unique package, encourage them to become a contributor by sharing the link below to our ongoing campaign.

Ch. I is available on our regular site to stream and download (limited package), as well as on most streaming platforms. Ch. II’s public release for download and streaming will be announced soon.

If you have any questions or issues with your download, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Chapter I: The Gregorian Chapter

The first instalment of “Catholic Chapters: I-IV” is an organized catalogue of the most-loved and commonly sung Gregorian chants of the Catholic Church. We hope this package provides a great introduction to this beautiful tradition of prayer.

Chapter II: The Hymns Chapter

The second instalment of “Catholic Chapters: I-IV” is sampling of beautiful, classic hymns in English and Latin, inviting the listener to step into the tradition of prayer of the generations that have gone before us.

Chapter III: The Devotional Chapter (coming soon)

Chapter IV: The Rosary Chapter (coming soon)

As many of you know, thanks to you, we raised about half of our total fundraising goal for Catholic Chapters in fall of 2020. To complete the remaining chapters at the highest quality possible similar to what we have completed so far, we have restarted out crowdfund until September 8th. If you would like to continue to help us in this great mission for getting beautiful Catholic music out to the world, consider passing on this link via the button below to others privately or via social media to get the word out.

Thank you, and keep us in your prayers. You are in ours!

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